Activity :

Wind Propulsion

ACCWing is a high performance flexible wing for all types of sailboats, including the largest ones.

An ACCWing is lightweight, flexible and stowable with relative simplicity of design, with few metal components.

It comes in two different versions:

- the Yachting version is made of sail fabric and composite parts, compatible with light wind headsails (Spinnaker, Gennaker, Code Zero…)

- the telescopic Merchant Marine version, made of very durable composite panels.

An ACCWing has a variable camber which is activated automatically with flexible internal muscles. By accentuating the camber to its maximum, the lift is up to 2.5 times that of a conventional rig of the same surface.

Sirehna a subsidiary of Naval Group, joined the ACCWing project by bringing its expertise in naval system & plateform automation.

With its 35 years of experience, Sirehna is developing the physical modelling of the ACCWing rigging and its environment. SIREHNA is also contributing to the development of the automation and optimisation system for the positioning of the wings in order to maximize their efficiency and make them operable with a reduced crew."