Since 2003, our office works in ship design and naval engineering. We are present both in professional vessels and pleasure craft. Our achievements range from light dinghies to pilot boats, from fishing boat to fast cruising catamaran, single or series. Our skills adapt to a wide variety of programs, and our pleasure lies in this diversity of design.

We are in charge of the design of the entire new fleet range for the SNSM built by the Naval Couach shipyard.

We design the new diving support boats for demining divers of the French Navy, built by the SEE Merre shipyard.

We continue to be very present in the field of yachting, and multihulls in particular

Our engineering office is involved in several areas: Technical expertise in structure, stability and hydrodynamics. It is equiped with several powerfull workstations equipped with modeling software, drawing, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis (CFD), finite element calculations, as well as numerous tools for calculation, structure and performance prediction.