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Professionnal fair dedicated to shipbuilding/repair and maritime sector, NAVEXPO is an innovative business event unique in France by its on-water presentation of professionnal boats with onboard visits, demonstrations and sea trials.

Located on the Atlantic Arc at the crossroads of major shipbuilding/repair basins and anchored in the Great-West maritime region with a wide variety of shipowners, the show gathers French and international professionals from shipbulding/repair and maritime sector. 



NAVEXPO presents French and international companies from three sectors :

- Shipbuilding / Repair

-Maritime & Underwater Operations

-Port & Offshore Infrastructures



NAVEXPO hosts the visit of Sea Professionals working on the 3 French seaboards Channel, Atlantic, Mediterranea (Owners, operators, administrations, projects leaders) from different maritime sectors :

-Harbour services
-Maritime / Underwater Works
-Offshore services
-Safety / Security
-Fishing / Aquaculture

For more informations, please consult theSectors

As well as the visit of French Managers representing : 

-Maritime communities
-Harbour authorities
-Offshore Energies companies

NAVEXPO hosts also the visit of companies managers from shipbuilding and maritime sector, such as our partner NAVAL GROUP whose the shipyard is located at Lorient.



NAVEXPO is an innovative business meeting that presents also an on-water exhibition unique in France bringing together different professional boats afloat (from RIB to offshore vessel) as well as various marine equipment (marine and subsea drones, buoys, platforms...)

During the three day exhibition, visitors can board the vessels moored in the harbour and thus concretely discover boats and aboard equipments specificities. 

Demonstrations in the port and sea trials (in the harbour or offshore) are organised regularly by the exhibitors to show, in real situation, the technical qualities of the boats and displayed materials.



NAVEXPO organizes conferences in french on technological innovations and issues of the maritime sector : innovative marine propulsions (hybrid, electrical, hydrogen, gas...), harbour  innovations...



PHOTOS of NAVEXPO last editions.



is organised on the exceptional site of the port of Lorient la Base in France - South Brittany.

the site

the site

specially designed and equipped to host this kind of event, gives very efficient access to visitors with the close expressway and many car parks.

Ashore exhibition

Ashore exhibition

A large exhibition structure, set on the port, hosts the international participants in comfortable business conditions.

Afloat exhibition

Afloat exhibition

Many boats of all sizes, from RIB to offshore vessel, are displayed alongside the large pontoons. Entry to the harbour is possible at all tides times with an immediate access to Lorient bay and offshore.

  • Le Salon Naval International à flot