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Since 1962, SILLINGER develop and manufacture foldable and semi-rigid inflatable boats with performance, safety and reliability that are the fundamental characteristics. With its know-how on system and technology integration, Sillinger is in position to answer to all the specific needs of its numerous customer (Intervention and Security forces and professionals).

PRORAID Foldable, semi-rigid inflatable boats and multi-mission units developed to resist extreme conditions and uses. Ideal for search and rescue missions and surveillance.

RAFALE® boats have been conceived for a highly intensive use, thanks to its stability in rough sea, a new deep V and a wave-piercing bow. Ideal for security, interception and troop transport.

SRD Rapid deployment foldable boat which allows intervention units to proceed in optimal speed conditions, efficiency and discretion, night and day, in every kind of sea conditions.


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  • Adress : 14 rue de Buray, 41500 Mer
  • Country: FRANCE