Ocean 3 is a company specialised in the design and technical specification of products typically made of foam cores and coated with reinforced Polyurethanes.

Situated in Northern France, Ocean 3 works on strong values such as experience, technical expertise, proactivity and constant innovation.

With a team 45 people strong, its technical team and bespoke programs enables it to create and design custom made products for each application and to the parameters set by clients.

Working in France and on an international level, Ocean 3 is in contact with a wide clientele and manufacturers a wide product range:

Workboat fendering systems

(Pilot Boats, Crew transfer vessels Oil & Gas and Windfarm, Patrol boats, passenger vessels and general workboats), Ocean 3 is in contact with the entire spectrum of the market such as naval architects and shipyards, but also the operators and end users.

Quay side and Port Equipment

Depending on the requirement, Ocean 3 is able to design and build products needed for military or port purposes (Floating fenders, Donut fenders or fixed quay fendering), the company is in contact with all the decision makers; from port authorities / naval base infrastructure teams, ship chandlers, oil & gas operators, and contractors.

Buoys and floats

Ocean 3 is well known for the innovations it has developed in ‘soft composites’ and will offer very convincing alternatives to steel buoys and roto-moulded rigid floats (for Oil & gas buoys, Mooring buoys, Signal buoys, floats, etc…)