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Marine Engines

Sandfirden Technics’ aim is to provide customers with the most reliable equipment, based on long-lasting technology. We do this by opting for leading brands and by adding our engineering and service qualities:

* the highest possible performance

* low energy consumption

* assurance of continuity in operations

* concern for the environment.

It all starts with leading-brands Scania and Agco Power marine diesel engines, Sandfirden marine diesel and gas generator sets, as well as diesel and gas engines and gensets for industrial and offshore applications.

We supply worldwide for short sea shipping, inland shipping, fishery, ferries and passenger vessels, offshore and dredging industries. You will find Sandfirden Technics wherever installation, conversion or maintenance is required. We are there for you 24/7.

We will show the Scania 13 and 16ltr EU Stage V certified marine engine with exhaust gas aftertreatment system - a proven and fuel efficient solution:

* easy installation

* high quality

* compact design

* custom made solutions

Every engine or generator set that we build will be tested in our test center before it is delivered. In this test center the practical conditions are simulated exactly – in terms of cooling capacity, propulsion load and electrical output.



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