Fourth-generation family run company, founded in 1898, ORTLINGHAUS is a worldwide leader and specialist in torque transmission systems for four main industrial domains which are the Marine Propulsion, the Winch Technology, the Metal Forming Technology and the Agriculture. Our Group is worldwide present through production sites and sister companies in Germany, Switzerland, France, China, UK, Russia, India and Brazil and over 20 exclusive sales partner all around the world.

We are directly active in the Marine business for over 75 years. Our main customers are the propulsion line system suppliers, the shipyards, the deck winches suppliers, the ship owners and the operators.

Our products will be largely found on the following vessels types: Tugboats / push boats, military vessels (Frigates, Corvettes), supply vessels, passenger vessels, ferries and yachts. We are supplying the winches suppliers as well (anchoring, towing, windlasses etc…), the harbor equipment and offshore equipment.


- Plates: counter steel plates and friction plates (various linings as sinter, organic, carbon etc…) entirely developed, produced, tested and validated in house.

- Clutches: hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanic or electromagnetic actuation, up to 2.000.000Nm torque.

- Brakes: hydraulic, pneumatic, or electromagnetic actuation, up 600.000Nm torque.

- Clutch-brake combination: hydraulic or pneumatic actuation, up to 800.000 Nm torque.

- Slipping clutches

- Slipping brakes (up to 600kW heat dissipation / 85000Nm dyn. Torque)

- Couplings.

- Mechatronic systems: complete autonomous slipping clutch system Comp.act & Prop.act for tug boats from 12t to 90t Bollard Pull, continuous slipping up to nominal speed with up to 450 kW heat dissipation capacity: full power of the engine to drive the fire-fighting pump, while having a continuous and stepless variable propeller speed from 0 rpm (thanks to an active brake system) up to nominal speed to insure dynamic positioning.

- Control/command systems: progressive commands, oil/air inlets, powerpack, control units etc.


  • Contact : Philippe Davignon
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  • Phone : 01 34 38 34 46


  • Adress : 10 rue Gustave Eiffel – 95190 Goussainville
  • Country: FRANCE