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NavOcean bases its identity on two strong complementary cultures: those of the French Navy and the Merchant Navy.

Thanks to its mixed origins and diversified skills, the navOcean team meets your needs and offers a wide range of maritime services to state organisations and companies

Maritime training

The Almak is a modern ship optimised for maritime training.

Its facilities combined with the experience of the crew allow practical training of cadets.

Shipmanagement, Crewmanagement :

- HR management of seafarers

- Relationship with the administrations

- Creation of ISM

- Sea trials, ships commissioning, ships convey, guarding

Diving support:

The Almak is designed to support diver operations

For professional diving and underwater work

The vessel is equipped with diving facilities, a compressor and a blower. It can carry a mobile Hyberbaric diving chamber on her stern deck and a mobile equipment container.

Mission of servitude:

-Monitoring of maritime areas

Offshore construction, pollution control

-Scientific or ecological activities

Scientific missions, animal counts, sampling

-Experimentation and various works

Experimentation of equipment, transfer of intervention or maintenance personnel on offshore sites