Danotherm is a Danish company (18M€*), in NIBE group (1 415M€*), and more especially in ”Element” division (400M€*).

This division is involved in all resistive components , as well as self-regulated cable, product heating, thick film, or at Danotherm, high power and transient resistors.

Our products are mainly used in conjunction with power converters, inverters, frequency inverters,... we can find them in medium and large capacity lifting devices or high inertia machines.

Driven by the high requirements of the wind energy world, Danotherm has modelled all its products in order to simulate their operation in a VERY RELIABLE way upstream of the projects. This allows an appreciable dimensional and financial optimization and to propose a technical sheet quickly, including all the parameters of the simulation and allowing the customer to test by himself cases outside the original specifications.

Our range of products extends as follows:

-             from few Watts to 1.3MW in one product, increasing values in a modular way.

-             nominal voltage : from 790V to 6000V.

-             Air cooling (natural convection or ventilated) , water

-             IP00 to IP65

-             ...

As example, we work for the wind energy sector, we regularly supply resistors to CERN (demagnetization), to Oil & Gas sector (platforms lifting down), and shipbuilding (dynamic positioning, braking, jack up ships, etc.).

We bring to the French market resistances of a different type than those usually encountered, in aluminum case. These products are particularly suitable for high-energy impulse discharges (Alpha range), used in the wind energy world among others (dump resistors / CMQ/CMV up to 2.5MJ out of 5s).

Uppon request, we offer DNV, Veritas, Lloyd... factory recipes. The Alpha range is UL approved.

Discharge of energy in resistors is not desired in many applications, but for safety reasons, these products are always there, in stand-by mode. Their optimization is therefore important, both in terms of space and cost.


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