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Our history began in 1921 when Christian Backer patented today’s tubular heating element and almost 30 years later, in 1949, Backer AB was founded in Sösdala, south of Sweden.

Today, with a production area of 22 000 m² we produce products and solutions to business in industries such as HVAC, Transportation, Energy & Environment, Home Appliance, Industrial & Projects, Advanced Technology and Commercial Equipment, all with their specific requirements and needs for customized solutions.

We strive to provide optimal technical solutions with the best possible quality at globally competitive prices. With advanced capabilities in laboratory testing, engineering and agency certification, our passion for exceeding our customers’ expectations makes us the first choice in heating solutions.

Today Backer AB is the headquarters for the Backer Group. Together we develop, produce and sell customized solutions and components for electrical heating, measurement and control. With over 70 companies and 10,000 employees worldwide, the Backer Group is the leading supplier in the heating element industry and offers the latest technologies and products in control, measurement and heating solutions. All based on the first tubular element from 1921.

When you choose Backer, you get a world full of expertise in heating solutions. Our large product range and knowledge in product design gives you opportunities to find your ideal solution. Our global presence also ensures that Backer’s technology and support services are always available regardless of where our customers design, test or manufacture their products.

Backer aims to deliver optimal technical solutions with the highest possible quality at globally competitive prices. Advanced equipment for laboratory tests, design and certification as well as our drive to find the best solution to customer demand and needs, makes us the natural choice for heating solutions.


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